Hi and thanks for visiting! I am a Transvestite or Crossdresser who has been leading my double-life as “Briget” online since 1999. I try to balance this hobby (or obsession) with a full life in my born identity.

When I first started dressing up, I turned to the internet (then still in it’s early stages) to search for answers as to why I did this. What I found online were inspiring images and stories from people who shared this common interest. Seeing these contributions from others further fueled my fascination with crossdressing, as it applied to myself and as I began to understand it as a community. Over the years, I’ve met some incredible people and have had a considerable number of entertaining experiences through this particular hobby which I’ve decided to start to share through this blog.

Aside from being a forum to contain my ramblings, I hope that this serves to entertain and inform others who are interested in Crossdressing or Transvestism.